Vintage Magazine Ads Make Great Crafts

You may have come across some really old original vintage magazine ads like Victorian or 1950s advertising art prints on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, iOffer, Bonanza or vintage magazine websites like Vintage Ads, Adclassix, Paperboy News and Ads Past before, but neglected to think much of them. The thing is that you need to realize how useful these old magazine ads really are. Here are some examples of how to use these old ad prints.
  • Unique Gift Ideas
  • Home or Office Decor
  • Collecting
  • Crafting 
Out of all of these uses, crafting is probably one of the biggest reasons people go out of their way to look for specific types of vintage magazine ads. You would be surprised at how many uses these old ads have for artists. They can be:
  • Matted & Framed
  • Used for Scrap Booking
  • Decoupaged
  • Used for OOAK Projects
  • Pieced Out for Small Projects
These are just a few of the ways creative artists and craft hobbyists used old magazine advertising. Where are these old ads and art print posters found and what kinds can be found online? Vintage magazine ads are only found in magazine back issues from the mid-to late 1800s to the 1970s/80s depending on what you want to consider "vintage".  

1963 Pepsi Halloween Ad

Auction sites and some websites will have them listed as separate art prints/poster for sale. Pay close attention to the wording in the description because there are replicas and you want to look for authentic, original old magazine advertisements. You can also buy them in "lots" on sites like eBay or as matching sets on Etsy. Artists and crafting hobbyists also share their creative projects on Artfire, eBay, Etsy and Amazon. 

Now for what kinds of vintage magazine ads you can find online. This will be a basic list because the  options are virtually limitless. You might want to look for more posts and pages on this subject from me if you want to know more about these historic, nostalgic, gorgeous old ad posters.

  • 1950s Advertising Art
  • WW 2 Advertisements 
  • Old Spice Ad Art Prints
  • Holiday Ads
  • Victorian Ads
  • Car and Truck Ads
  • Beverage Ads
  • Vintage Bicycle Posters 
    1955 Coty Fragrance Christmas Ad
  • Vintage Ski Posters
  • Saturday Evening Post Ads

As stated above, this is a small example of the different types of vintage magazine ads you will find online.